GMS is an experienced organization specializing  in the production of high quality, precision glass-to-metal hermetic  seals. GMS offered
a full range of hermetically sealed products with proven  reliability in both military and commercial applications. GMS is dedicated  to provide
prompt customer service and technical support. GMS’ price, quality, and fast delivery make us best value source and a clear choice for the
company that requires a dependable supplier.

Hermetic Glass-To-Metal
Press-Fit Terminal

50Ω Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Feedthrough

42-pin Glass to Metal
Seal Header

Welded and Brazed Battery Seals
Hermetically Sealed TO-46 Header
Glass-to-Metal Seal Feed-Thru

Glass-to-Metal Seal SIP Terminal Header
Glass to metal Seal Single Lead Terminal

Crystal Header
Bush 4
LED Base 1

LED Base 2
LED Base 3
LED Base 4

Others 3
Others 4
Header 2

Base 1
Base 2

EMI Capacitors
Medical & Others
Header 3

Header 4
High current feed-thrus
MIL Spec connectors